• King Kahuka

    So i'm back.

    January 1, 2015 by King Kahuka

    I've been hiding in a cave, isolated from everything all my life and now i've returned and i have no idea how MasterOshowatt got here.

    I've been thinking about working on java script again as a new year's resolution, maybe even try Unity. I've been thinking about modelling as well.

    I have no new concepts. Surprisingly enough.

    My art skills are very good now, so if you want me to draw something i can.

    Yeah i don't have a lot to say here.

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  • King Kahuka


    July 14, 2014 by King Kahuka

    I mentioned this guy to BrickfilmNut a few times but i think i know i guy who could do some music for us (other than Mvp). He has lots of techno music and he's a good friend of mine. He's on rock raiders united and yes, he did play LEGO Universe.

    Music Examples:

    "Icicles" (Icy themed music)

    "Life on Mars" (Quicktech space themed music)

    "Tropical" (Tropical themed music)

    "Xalax" (Alien themed music, based on the LEGO Racers 2 planet Xalax, includes what probably is Rocket Racer yelling, or just a generic character)

    Comment if you like this guy's music. If you want him to help us out with the music just ask me and i'll go ask him if he would like to help.

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