• Jeyo

    Lately I've been focusing on the LEGO side of a Lego game. That is, technique. And here's some stuff. First, a WIP of a dilapidated medieval cottage...

    And then this, which you have to see all of (and read) to appreciate.

    Anyway -- that's that so far. I have a bunch of other WIPs sitting around, but that's the gist of my current skill level. I'd say it's pretty "up there." :P

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  • Jeyo


    June 11, 2014 by Jeyo

    So as everyone active here knows, I once started on a model called the X-Pack. It was my first complex Lego model. I modeled the bricks and assembled the bricks in blender. Everyone thought it looked great. Even I thought it looked great. With my ability to model any standard brick from a single 1x1 and then assemble them in a precise, accurate way, I would have been able to do almost anything in regards to making worlds. But as time went on, there were two small but glaring problems that were constantly nagging me.

    1. My model was composed of bricks I had made from a 1x1. That 1x1 I had traced from a diagram/blueprint/thing. And while I had traced it to the best of my ability, the brick that came out of it was not completely accurate. That di…
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  • Jeyo


    September 30, 2013 by Jeyo

    Jeyo again. I'd like to bring up the point of work going unnoticed or unacknowledged by team members. This has been the pattern so far:

    1. I post some work.
    2. Nobody says anything about it.
    3. I prod people to post their throughts.
    4. A few do.
    5. I get frustrated.

    Sure doesn't seem very team-like to me, posting my work and having it ignored...I don't know about the rest of you, but I like to be acknowledged. I like people to post their thoughts on stuff I submit. I need criticism, or else how will I know if I'm going in a direction people like? Seriously, it gets quite frustrating for me when I post something and nobody takes any notice. Even when I nudge people, only a few post stuff. So can we all agree to inspect, acknowledge and comment on someone's work (n…

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  • Jeyo

    The Head of the...Worm?

    September 20, 2013 by Jeyo

    I know this is really Deus's area of expertise, but I thought I'd give this a go...

    I hope you're reading this, Kep. Based on your description, my rough concept art (that I haven't posted) and Storm's design of the smaller worms, I have designed a head for the Sandworm Boss on the desert world. If everyone approves, I will continue and create the body. If you don't, I can redesign or scrap it. It has no eyes, but instead a long head that can swallow a minifig whole, three teeth in its gaping red maw and several long, tentacle-like "feelers"--whiskers, if you will--on the back of the head. Thoughts so far?

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  • Jeyo

    Okay, there has been a lot of debate about this and I think it's time we settled it.

    Do we include the alien commander known as Krohoth/Oblivion, who will betray Korrigahnn and steal the energy stone for his own? Or do we not, in which case the game will be easier to make but only have Korrigahnn and his boys as the main enemies? (There will be minor enemies not affiliated with either, too: pirates, animals and other enemies like that.)

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