Alright, so far, we don't seem to be having too much conflict surrounding the single-member-led worlds. That's good, for sure. Of course, there are still situations like in the hub world where our writers will clash on certain aspects of the story. Our head writers, Jeyo and ErkelonJay (with Mvp and Atom siding with each writer respectively), will have two clashing ideas that both seem equally good to a large part of the community, but neither will step down and that's where conflict begins. As such, we have to improvise the system a little bit again. Nothing major, in the sense that everything will change for all of you, but important enough that I would like all of your attention.

The first change is that, unless facing strong opposition from the community, Boba gets the final say when it comes to aspects of the story that concern him and/or arguments between writers. He's certainly knowledgeable enough, he's unbiased, and he's already leader, so it works well.

Now, of course, we can't call in Boba for every little squabble, so that brings us to the more difficult change to implement. We will need to assign each writer "final say" in an aspect of the story based on their strengths. For example, Jeyo would get final say in continuity-related matters, and ErkelonJay would get final say in quest-related details (since he's more knowledgeable in this area).

Anyway, this is the time for us to sort out which strengths each user has, the reason this is a blog. Some of the positions that have generally been agreed upon by several users are as follows. Please note that the community always has final say; this is just for things where the community voices no opinion either way.

Jeyo: Continuity, reason/motivation, general story (does not mean power over everything, just over the "connecting" plot)

ErkelonJay: Quest-related details, aspects of the story that are related more strongly to gameplay features (not gameplay in general, as that could end up being nearly all of the story, obviously)

Thanks in advance for your cooperation, and please state your opinions on the users' strengths below.

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