Recently, three users (Mvp, Keps, and Erk) have stated that they will consider leaving if the project does not regain activity. In response to these concerns, I have made the following blog post.

First off, not everybody is as inactive as they may seem. A lot of us are just working on our own separate yet still project-related things, and don't always feel the need to talk about them. Of course, this problem could be solved with increased use of the Sharing Progress page, but even if some users do not use it, you can usually be sure that at least some seemingly-gone users are still "active".

In addition, the "new" project is still trying to get on its feet, and there were a lot of things that needed to be done before everyone could start working. Now, almost everything has been set up, and new steps will be done to encourage increased productivity and collaboration. For example, specific work will be assigned to users instead of just letting them choose (they CAN still choose, but the assigning of work is just "motivation"), something similar to what was suggested on the old LG wiki before the merge. In addition, I have a few ideas for some fun things to get the community together, including a contest (shh!). ;-)

Finally, if you're concerned about the project's state, take initiative! :-D Make suggestions, message fellow team members, act as cheerleader! Don't hold back; we can use all the help we can get! :P Thanks for reading.

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