Its finally here. The game that Funcom has been spending over a year working on. The game that makes me wanna take the people who make Chima and force them to shut down. Anyway,

Jamesster's Post:

Now for what I've been thinking about...what does this mean for us? Funcom actually made a decent-looking game that shows promise. I can already see it outliving Chima. But...what will we do? Sure, we could make an amazing game...but what does this mean. I don't want us to die because we're been shadowed by this, but still...

If anything to me, this means 3 things.

  1. We need to make this game look great. Good details, good story, etc.
  2. We need to make this game play great. Good battles, good gameplay, etc.
  3. We need to make more progress. We lack a lot of coders and modelers, and an audio guy (Though Jay may have found someone.) But still. If we wanna do this, we need to put this into high gear.

Just my opinions. Yours may be different, but those are mine.


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