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  • AtomicScientist

    I know, I know. But I need to make sure I can absorb all this, make it useful, etc. I'm gonna be busy discussing this with Ferf and think about map ideas.

    I'll be back soon, but I'm also limited by school. After 3 days...8th Grade with all honors already looks like a challenge :S.

    So yeah. Kelp, when I come back I'll have the Puppet-Master idea finalized. 

    Cya in a week!

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  • AtomicScientist

    Its finally here. The game that Funcom has been spending over a year working on. The game that makes me wanna take the people who make Chima and force them to shut down. Anyway,

    Jamesster's Post:

    Now for what I've been thinking about...what does this mean for us? Funcom actually made a decent-looking game that shows promise. I can already see it outliving Chima. But...what will we do? Sure, we could make an amazing game...but what does this mean. I don't want us to die because we're been shadowed by this, but still...

    If anything to me, this means 3 things.

    1. We need to make this game look great. Good details, good story, etc.
    2. We need to make this game play…
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  • AtomicScientist

    Atom's Ideas

    August 15, 2013 by AtomicScientist

    Hello Guys, Atom here, and this is my ideas post! This is where I post all of my ideas for SoA, in my attempt to help it become an amazing game. :)

    Note:Prepare yourselves for a GIANT, super long post. And please, do not edit this.

    • If not merged, the Castle World should be something like a small country, divided into multiple factions with different governments/orginization

    • Name Suggestion:Promagcia (A mix of the Italian words Magical (Magica) and Province (Provincia)
      • Or Ciato (A mix of the Italian words Cielo (Blessed) and Beato (Sky)

    • Make Cave World ALL underground, the player lands in a hole in the opening of a cave. Like an underground city.
    • Korri-related story:The miners have recently discovered artifacts that point toward an Ancient City, bu…

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  • AtomicScientist

    Hey guys, is me. So, I've been busy for the past 2 days brainstorming about the final battle with Korrigahnn. So, without further ado, my ideas:Note, this is not complete, and will take some time to finish. I expect to go all the way to a verison 5.0.

    In version 1.0, A lot of people hated the idea of the black hole. However, I will not have the fight in some boring old fortress. Yell at me all you want, not gonna happen. So, I present my new location:

    After defeating the guardians, you head into the final chamber of the fortress, where you find Korri, who has yet to absorb the energy due to him having had resistance from barriers set up by the first builders. Just as he breaks through though, a final countermeasure appears, a wormhole that tel…

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