So... yeah... it's been quite a while. I've been praticing more modeling and this is the result. 

Allens sao

Water Fountain

30+ hours in? I forgot. It's pretty much a very very long time. 

The models I made are based on the anime Sword Art Online. 

On a more serious note related to game design and 3D modeling:

When you play it, you should be aware of what's actually there. For example, you see the middle 3 squares on the fountain here. Are they actually there or just an illustion? Because in game design, you have to decrease the poly count to make the game run smoother. I can't possibly risk having a 30K high poly water fountain in a game like this (Yes, I made one and it's over 30K poly) This water fountain in the game only has 766 poly compare to the 30K. I modeled both of them, high and low poly, and baked some maps to acheive the illusion of details. When you look at it from a typical angle and move around, the light and shades will also move so it feels real. But when you look at it from an edge, like the 3 squares on the left or right, you can then tell that they are actually flat and not extruded inwards. 

I didn't make the character controller or the day/night simulator.

The whole thing is already in Unity. 

Download link:'s_SAO_Simulator_v2.4.3_(Windows).zip

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