Well, uh... hmmmm. LEGO really does want to make their own stuff, huh?

The game's currently in early access:

It's basically Minecraft but for LEGO. It's easier to build and is currently only for single player. Multiplayer is on their roadmap.

Best played with a controller like all other LEGO games. The game's targeting the younger generation, as usual. 

It's not like LEGO Universe. This one's focusing all on the building and creations. You don't get the MMO or leveling up feels. You don't really have an inventory either. Once you unlock the items, vehicles, creatures, and sets, you just need to buy them. That's it. You keep everything you have.  + Infinitely generated world

+ Build anything

- No RPG

So, I guess, my point here is that in case LEGO Worlds's existence makes you think what you're doing has become pointless, you shouldn't feel that way. If anything, this gives you an excuse for not including the fuction of building. We can focus more on the RPG side. Anyway, that's my take. 

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