Third Person Camera and Controller


Less progress from what I had a year ago. Yay!


  • Camera collision and zoom in/out system
  • Double jump system
  • HAVING FUN WITH A STOMACH FLU AND FEVER SO DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING FOR A WHILE. YAY! Excuse me while I go to the bathroom for the 20th time. -7/7/14

Things I need to add...

  • Double jump system
  • Replace with a minifigure (not that important, right? >.<)
  • Animations of Minifigure 3 v8 (Newest version of minifigure with better legs and only one UV map)
    • Run
    • Idle
    • Jump
    • Land
    • Strafing Right
    • Strafing Left
    • Backwards
    • And a lot more...

Known Bugs:

  • None... yet.

Fixed Bugs:

  • [Fixed 6/20/14] Jump and stuck on ceiling problem 
  • [Fixed 6/20/14] Double jumping when the terrain is slanted is *&^%&* troublesome (Here we go again.) **Haha, suck on this! My previous code worked perfectly! Ha! In your face, double jumping bug!
  • [Ignored 6/21/14] Damn it, Unity. It's bee 3 freaking years and you're still using a capsule character controller. I might need to swap the character controller with a rigidbody. Ugh! **Nope, not going to waste my time on this. I'll just keep going with what I have.
  • [Fixed 6/21/14] Minifigure's size and positions are wrong when animations are used 

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