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  • Hey Jeyo,

    I know the title seems weird, especially coming from me. But I've read through your re-ignition post and was really impressed. I know I don't make a habit of snooping around your wiki but I was wondering how you guys were doing and found that post.

    So I was wondering if you would be willing to share anything else you find out/come up with on the subject of modeling LEGO. Because I have been doing the same thing you were, just modeling it to be "good enough" but I am a bit of a perfectionist myself and can't take it anymore!

    I really am impressed with what you've done so far and posted on the comments for the blog. I never looked at LEGO that way, except when I needed to substitute a piece for another and wanted to make sure then worked the same.

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  • In SoA Chat, when i was AFK, you and nuff were talking about something called "The Finals" and were talking about concept art at bricki, i suspect this is the final concept art. I would like a link to it and see the results of the artwork, may i please have it?

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    • As I said in chat, it's not quite finished yet. It's about half-way to a point where I can scan, but after that, I'd still be doing another page.

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  • I plan him to be in some dragon cave, if he can't be an enemy, just make him an armor set.

    File:Fire knight concept art.png
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  • So, first, some speeder concepts.

    For the top Gyazo, the front model was the original speeder by Nuff. Behind are two ones that I made based on his design. The second Gyazo is one made by Nuff based on all three, with the lime green parts indicating where he believed a decal should be placed.

    Now for the minifigures. Most of the elements should be somewhat self-explanatory. The "elite" guards in the purple feature more modern or less typical weapons, while the normal guards feature alterations of typical medieval weapons. The goblins generally feature tools that are either sorcery-related or involve a mix of technology and such sorcery. A few feature more typical weapons, but even for a couple of these guys, I still figured they could have some technological "enhancement", like an eyepiece for the archer. Red pieces indicate where exclusive parts should be modeled, and the orange guy on the far right will be completed after LDD receives some Chima pieces from the 2014 sets.

    More views can be found here:

    (The two sticks are intended to be electricity-themed, something not too clear until the parts are modeled.)

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  • I've advised him not to make any more accounts. He wants to talk to you over gmail. I gave him your email address (he's George Barnick on Google+).

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  • Just to let you and Boba know, I probably can't be contacted over the weekend. I'll still be here until afternoon today, though, and will try and follow up on any new developments first thing Monday.

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    • Okay; I'll try to keep major updates and new developements (neither of which are likely to occur soon anyway) until you return.

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  • I found the right angle for one of the techniques I had been thinking about. Hopefully I can get LDD to work with the others.

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  • (yay for privacy)

    It's about Saburo. I don't know if you've been keeping up, but he's been a general troll for months now, personal attacking other users and not even trying to reform his character. I think he needs to be banned, he's been warned several times and not behaved any better. Asked you here because I couldn't find the Admin noticeboard to have a template for trolls. Plus, less likely to get one of his usual immature responses if I asked here.

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    • He's been on the borderline for the some time now, getting on eveyone's nerves but not doing enough to be blocked.

      ...however, after reviewing his talk page (and its history of disappearing warnings), I will take your suggestion and leave him a final warning on his talk page. If he continues after that, I'll give him a short block.

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    • Saw that. Thanks.

      (Oh, and have you read my Ninjago rant?)

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    • I have not; I'll have to check that out. :P

      Oh, and regarding Nuff's "Leaving" blog comments...he never tried to change. he gave the appearance of it to get people to like him again, but he has the same viewpoint as before; he said pretty much the exact same thing during the the ban incident as when his rights were removed.

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  • I did some concept art of the three enemies in the colors that I think you wanted. Also, some statistics for the characters (based on the values in Unity.)

    Inferion to the right.
    It has the detail of my envisioning of the flamelike torso armor. The pictures around the center one all have an older armor type. Around the center one, clockwise from top left, are: charging/lunging, swiping atthe side, swiping at the front, and a vague idea of its creation by a fire wraith.

    The possible statistics are on the bottom, from left to right: Health, Damage, Speed, Extra Armor (Inferion has none, so player attacks do standard damage), Range (for basic attack). Under the lightning blot is the statistics for the Fireball special attack: Attack frequency (15 seconds), Range, and Damage.


    The Fire Wraith. I wasn't sure what you wanted from "crooked staffs", so they might not be accurate to your design. You might notice where I erased it, but that could be a possible attack pattern shade--including the front view on the top left, possibly it turning invisible. Statistics on the bottom, including its two special attacks, Ghost Attack (as you may see from the armor, it's invincible) and Summon Inferion.


    Heavy Inferion to the left. The Heavy Inferion image got split up during copying. The First image includes it's comparison to a regular Inferion (wearing old armor). The armor detail is at the top, along with a black and white (old armor) image. The bottom image shows the Heavy Inferion charging. Statistics got cut off, so I'll put them here:

    Health 6,
    Damage 5,
    Speed 2,
    Armor 2,
    Range 0.

    Special attacks:

    Frequency of 5 seconds,
    Range 5,
    Damage 1,
    Frequency of 30 seconds,
    Speed 6,
    Damage 10.

    I also uploaded the Nightmare image, it should be up soon. :)

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