Welcome to the official LEGO: Skies of Acrea wiki!Edit

Skies of Acrea is a fan-made LEGO game currently in the making. This site is meant to show you a look at some of the things the developers of SoA have been thinking of, and a place for non-members to share their thoughts! (Though, please do it here.)

Note: We are currently in the early development stages of the game, with Alpha to be released at a currently unknown date. Do not ask to be put in Alpha or Beta unless we open signups. Thank you.

Pages to Check OutEdit

If you are a team member who is new to the wiki, be sure to check out the following pages!


If you have spare time and want to help out, then you can apply for a job here. Applicable skills required include:

  • Coding knowledge in Unity with JavaScript or C# programming,
  • Modeling and animating abilities in Blender
  • Especially high LDD designing skills (please note that our standards in this area are very high)
  • Skills with a 2D art program like GIMP or Inkscape. 
  • Ability to create good music. (Again, standards are high.)

A current list of team members can be found at SoA:Staff Members.


Our policy can be found Skies of Acrea Wiki:Policy


  • The LEGO group does not endorse LEGO Skies of Acrea, nor is this a LEGO-supported website. It is made by LEGO fans. The LEGO: Skies of Acrea game is the intellectual property of its respective owners; please do not share any texts, videos, images, or any type of media from this site without crediting its owners. Thank you!

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