OK, so, to prevent what happened in the latest storyline discussion thread, a large number of team members have agreed that some changes need to be made in regards to the writing once we move on to the world-specific stories. I was thinking of having a head writer for each world, and choosing the writer based on who feels most strongly about the particular world. For example, ErkelonJay would probably lead the ice world discussion, and Jeyo would probably lead the castle world discussion. The leader of the world discussion would get the final say, to prevent arguing, unless there is a strong and obvious opposition to the decisions displayed by the community. The writer's main job is to satisfy the community, and their power is supposed to assist in this, not prevent them from doing so.

On the topic of community involvement, I was thinking it may be better to distance the rest of the community from the writers by keeping them at the Storyline Discussion page as opposed to the threads. The page will, hopefully, be more organized, and if the writers continually update the "Current Information" subsections, there should be less confusion about the current state of the story.

Finally, there has been the idea of having a head writer in general. I'm divided on this idea, so I'm largely going to stay out of that discussion. I do feel that I should let you all know about the suggestion, though.